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Public Notice: this is happening in Madison

Organized stalking -- also known as gangstalking, bullying, or mobbing
-- is an organized attack upon an individual or couple - the target. A variety of methods are utilized to intimidate, isolate, harass, and provoke the target into an incriminating act that will be recorded and used against them. The goal is to discredit, demoralize, and utterly devastate all quality of life. This is happening in your neighborhood now and wherever a targeted individual happens to live.

A smear campaign is a primary technique used to demolish a target's reputation and ultimately ruin their life. A proven effective method is to spread vile accusations within the community. The purpose is to turn neighbors and the community against this 'horrible' person, disgrace them, destabilize them, and ultimately destroy them. Some often used charges are: bigot/racist, agitator, abusive, drug dealer, thief, violent, pedophile, sexual predator, stalker, prostitute, subversive, in other words an undesirable of some sort. This is an effective recruitment tool because ordinary people are convinced they are performing their civic duty by helping to bring down a 'creep' labeled with any of the above. Money is the usual incentive, among other favors that facilitate recruitment. There is also a network of unethical, easily manipulated snitches who are always reliable participants, some of whom depend upon this income to survive. Some join the program in exchange for a reduced sentence due to their criminal activity. For the unemployed it only requires money. There is something seriously wrong with all of these people because well-adjusted individuals do not derive pleasure from hurting their fellow citizens in this way. The people at the top directing the program are insulated by multiple layers of dimwit lower level operatives and unlikely to ever be held accountable. These scheming individuals are masters of manipulation who prey upon the lower impulses, fear, and personal prejudice of recruits to get them to carry out their underhanded dirty work.

Anyone the target comes into contact with receives a warning about the target. The warning usually includes disinformation, manufactured/altered evidence, and the target is, 'under investigation.' This favorite tactic is designed to make all interactions uncomfortable and to poison the entire neighborhood against the target. Finding and keeping a job in this environment is undermined. This continues for years because there is no shortage of misguided groundlings willing to do nearly anything for money and other favors. However, getting involved means dipping your toe into a foul, dark pool of energy.

Tactics: entrapment, home invasion, wiretaps, computer hacking, bugging, spoofing email, placing a GPS on cars, blacklisting, crowding/mobbing the target, workplace undermining, framing, honeytraps, 24/7 in your face surveillance, slander, baiting, mail tampering, verbal insults, gaslighting, poisoning pets, vandalism, etc. Parents even allow young children to be used. Nothing is sacred or off limits. Street level perps are taught how to operate just below the threshold of what can be reported without sounding paranoid. They are fed biased information and pressured into adopting hostile feelings toward the target. Those involved are obedient, sadistic, and draw their courage from the group. They literally gang up on their victim.

The gangstalking subculture is a mix of civilian, criminal, and corrupt members or former members of America's security industry. This subculture provides an umbrella of protection where members can safely express their malicious impulses. The program structure resembles a pyramid and only the people in charge (at the top) know why someone is targeted. Street level trackers (at the bottom) believe what they are told and are warned to keep quiet 'for the sake of the investigation.' The real reason for silence is because these are not officially sanctioned campaigns that are unable to withstand public scrutiny. Secrecy is also necessary because the only purpose of this destructive cult-like group is to torment an individual who someone in power considers worthy of punishment. The so-called investigation is a smokescreen that provides cover for an illicit program that circumvents due process and panders to the mob mentality. They are their own version of a hate group.

Historically; a brutal form of predatory gangstalking originated with the East German Stasi. A less brutal modified program has been used to maintain Jim Crow Laws, against the Civil Rights Movement, against anti-war protestors, by the KKK, for political/corporate advantage, to silence dissension, etc. J. Edgar Hoover originated the program in the U.S. and the only requirement to put someone on a list is a corrupt official or well-connected civilian. There can be any number of reasons. Perhaps the target crossed the wrong person, knows too much, personal vengeance, political/religious/social views, a whistleblower, too outspoken, too influential, a messy divorce, bad break up, or make an example of. Regardless; groupstalking is evil and a violation of civil rights. It is also a terrible waste of resources that could be directed toward apprehending real criminals. The counterfeit patriots involved in vigilante stalking are divisive and spread their poison throughout the community. These smear merchants are in the business of destroying people's lives.

What you can do - do not participate! Do not be deceived by these scurrilous liars, do not cooperate with them. You cannot be forced to join in and it is dangerous to do so because they will turn on you for any number of reasons. Legitimate investigations are not witch hunts. Legitimate investigations are not conducted this way. Character assassination only works when naïve, fearful, or devious people go along and spread the lies. You cannot trust these scoundrels on any level and getting involved is bad karma that will taint your life with disfavor and darkness. You can find some true stories on the Internet floating in a sea of disinformation and deception meant to discredit genuine victims. The psychopaths responsible for these despicable campaigns flood the internet with fake, crazy sounding articles and youtube videos designed to give the impression that organized stalking is not real. Unless you or someone you know become a target, it is easy to dismiss any of this as real, but it is. I do not believe our government should be in the business of victimizing American citizens who pose no threat but instead are hounded by corrupt officials abusing their power.
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