Reel Trailer Fiber Cable - $2,795

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Reel Trailer Fiber Cable (New) Delivery Available

"New 5.2K Reel Trailer" Phone: (757) 635-6889 Web Address: www. reel-trailer .com

Discounts on 2 or more trailers (Free Towing Double Connector when ordering 2 trailers)

The Reel-Trailer(s) can be picked up at our factory, shipped or we may be able to deliver the trailers to you.

We are Looking for Trailer Dealers. Special Shipping Discounts on Multi Trailer Purchases.


* Open Reel Access Frame - This Feature Keeps the Reel Center of Gravity Low for Safe Towing* Multi-Pocket Spindle Bar Adjusts to a Variety of Reel Diameters Up to 120" (This Feature also Allows Multiple Reels to Be Loaded at Different Levels with Various Reel Sizes)
* Heavy Duty - 2-1/2" Spindle Bar with Centering Locks
* Adjustable Height Ball Coupler or Pintle Eye
* H.D. Safety Chains
* Grab/Lift Handle on Tongue
* 7-Pin Electrical Plug
* Top-Wind 5,000lb Tongue Pipe Mounted Jack
* Reel Centered over Wheels for Minimal Tongue Weight
* 5,200lb Capacity
* Double Reinforced Frame
* Upgraded Heavy Duty 7k Spindles with Large 5.2k Hubs & Bearings
* LED Lighting on Rear and Sides
* License Plate Holder
* ST/225/75/R15 Tires
* Paint: Safety Yellow - Other Colors Available

Available Options:

1. Towing Doubler Connector (For transporting trailers connected together)
2. Additional Spindle Bars & Bar Locks (So Multiple Reels can be Hauled on Different Levels)
3. Strand/Spool Holder on front of the Trailer Tongu
4. Electric Brakes
5. Steel Diamond Tread Fenders
6. 2-5/16" Ball or Pintle Ring Trailer Hook-Up
7. Spare Tire & Tire Mount
8. Coupler Lock
9. Quick Release Pins

Email us or call anytime with questions:

(757) 635-6889

Web Address: www. reel-trailer .com


The Reel-Trailer(s) can be picked up at our factory or in some cases we may be able to deliver the trailers to you within a few hundred miles.

"Shipped truck freight anywhere in the continental USA" - "Delivered directly to you or you can pick the trailer up at the Freight Terminal near you" (They will load it for you)


• $2695.00 - Payment Made by Wire Transfer or ACH Transfer. Payment can be made by: "Credit Card" "Wire Transfer" "ACH Transfer" or "Check" Wire transfers & ACH Transfer are the quickest.

Payments Made by Credit Card "3% Added for Credit Card Processing" (We are charged 3% for card processing by our bank) Credit Card Payments: There will be an added 3% charge for credit card Payments. (We are charged 3% for card processing by our bank)

Check Payments: We will wait for the check to arrive and clear the bank before proceeding with the sale.

* Standard paint color is Safety Yellow for High Visibility. The trailer(s) can be painted your company color or a unique bright color to stand out so it can be easily identified.

"Order 2 or more trailers & get a free Towing Connector Hitch for towing 2 or more trailers at a time"


• 5.2K Reel Trailer (No Fenders or Brakes: $2,795.00

• 5.2K Reel Trailer with Steel Diamond Tread Fenders: $2,995.00

• 5.2K Reel Trailer with Steel Diamond Tread Fenders & Electric Brakes: $3,195.00

• 7K Reel Trailer with Fenders & Electric Brakes: $3,595.00

• 7K Hydraulic Lift Trailer with Dual Pumps (Left & Right) Fenders/Brakes: $7,595.00

• 8K/10K Hydraulic Lift Trailer (Call for pricing)

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