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I am a hardworking and honest man seeking a versatile source of income while being able to maintain a limited schedule to care for my disabled (now adult) child.
(many of the images mentioned are clearly not here.)
**The images are of various jobs around the Madison area.

**Other recent projects include complete home (20+) charging station and dedicated

RING & NEST PRO & SIMPLISAFE installations.
I've been installing Ring and Nest products as a CONTRACTOR for these companies since 2014.
The entire line of these and other vendors products.

Doorbell Video Camera (Ring/Nest)
NEST/YALE Key-less Door Lock
Outdoor Video Camera
Simplisafe wireless security products.

I have well over 30 yrs experience in electrical, and a lifetime of random/general repair work.

Primarily in lighting installations and design.
But can do nearly any electrical task you have a need for, but may too costly to hire a big company.

In my past work experiences, for around 20 years, was routinely hired as an electrician in and around the Seattle and Tacoma area. 1982-1999
This work was varied, primarily in the entertainment industry. Theater and concert productions, additionally countless major corporate events working for every one of the prominent lighting and event planning services throughout the Pacific NW regions.
I first initiated an informal apprenticeship in 1982 when I struck out to build my first stage lighting show. Three years later after some college set building and design training, and developing was sought out as a experienced and versatile stage manager and lighting director for small and large sized crews of numerous skilled and unskilled labor teams. As an expert in entertainment lighting and set design, I routinely was charged with overseeing all the electrical requirements of countless varieties of events from an air-show showcasing WWII air-frames on display to several years later, The Boeing World Premier of the 777.
Around 1994 I was offered a job to assist in the rewiring of a ship. I assisted and gained specialized skills under a nautical journeyman electrician. Spending the following 2-3 years assisting the Chief Engineer both at sea as well as in port with routine engine overhaul and hydraulic equipment maintenance.
More recently (2005-06, just following Katrina.) I was employed as an Electrical Engineer/Designer. Primarily tasked to finalize clients needs into the design requirements for large diesel fueled emergency power generators, but I am NOT a degreed engineer.
2000-2006 Employed by TDS Telecom in the engineering department primarily responsible for maintaining mapping of all national central office carrier information. Also frequently conversion of historic hand drawn records into the GIS/GPS format for prospective future development infrastructure.

My formal schooling and degree was in computer sciences with emphasis on spatial design,, electrical, architectural and engineering applications.
FWIW, I am also very knowledgeable in many computer graphics programs. i.e. CAD, Photoshop, Solidworks etc.

Because of personal obligations, I was forced to leave full time employment.
I have numerous other areas where my skills have been put to use.
I have to find flexible work and hours so I can see to the needs of my disabled child and all her unique and difficult requirements.
Maintaining any sort of full time employment has been ruled as an impossible situation, since this diagnosis came into my life a few years back.

Flat Screen television set up or mounting.
Hidden surface concealed or In Wall wiring.
Surround sound speaker wiring, mounting.
(Featured photo is an elaborate home theater/gamer set up. The two screen were side by side to (from straight on, they merge seamlessly) serve as a single ultra wide image for the homeowner couple who played games with a massively widened feature. The left screen was mounted (makes a little sense) so it would shift to the front overlapping the secondary device, so when viewers wanted the feature centered in the viewers perspective. Each screen was a 75".
All wiring was concealed after the system was fully situated, with removable panels (hinged finish trim contemporary styling panels) for simple access and upgrading.

Wiring and Lighting Electrical repair and replacements. Smart Lighting Installations (Remotely accessible lighting control, dimming switches, outlets etc.
Light Switches, timers, dimmers, motion sensors. Power outlets added removed, relocated. Recessed fixtures for wide area lighting or simple small space accent additions. Ceiling fans. Under counter lighting for kitchen and bath. Closets, hallways, lighting for the yard/security.

Flat Screen Television mounting and In-Wall wiring of all types of home theater and streaming TV applications.

Soundbar PlayStation Xbox etc.

Complete surround sound speaker wiring is simpler than it seems, but usually means a lot of exposed speaker wires along the walls everywhere. Over the past 5 years I've been designing and installing simple and semi complex home networking that integrates a centrally located PC as a media server to provide music, television video, and printers to peripheral locations around homes. Beginning at your ISP providers modem I build a basic LAN system utilizing Cat6 wiring rated for In-Wall use that can securely provide larger data transport throughout your home.

Repainting a single wall or the entire room. Interior painting only. Decks and fences, outbuildings are acceptable, but not houses.

big and little hole repair. Walls removed or built, and finished to suit any needs you may have. No ceiling installation work. I no longer have panel lifting equipment.

CARPENTRY: Finish trim window and door casing Floorboard. Images show some recent work, more detailed images are are available, I just haven't located them.


Many other areas of work are within my skills and abilities. I am always picking up new and unique tasks to expand my areas of abilities.
Call me and tell what you need, I will let you know if I can help you.

Call me, if it's something you need to do, but don't know how, or simply don't have the time.
I happily will supply answers and solutions at reasonable rates.
My area radius is mostly about 50miles radius of Madison, but will often work throughout the state for some of the maintenance and repair service contractors I frequently am called by.

References available.

Stephen Voss

608-843-8199 text or phone. Email replies may not be discovered promptly, as I don't check very often. Text or phone is preferred.
I am typically busy and may miss calls, leave a message. I will reply as promptly as possible.

Please don't send me a text with pictures that are hosted at "pixsend.org". (or any of the countless hosting services) They are not viewable on my phone, and based on previous experience they require me to download questionable software and sign up for unwanted third party entities.
I will add any such texts or emails to my blocked caller list, and if you legitimately want to hire me, I will never know.

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