Needing a place by end of July (West Madison)

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Hello, my name is Caylan and I'm a 32 year old man. I've been living in my current apartment for 5 years by myself but have to move by 7/29. Its a studio so I don't have a lot of stuff. My stuff is mostly my pc, pc desk, a single mattress, clothes, and some other misc things. Overall I dont take up a lot of space.

Currently work at the Woodmans on the West side full time so I dont make that much but it at least pays for my rent bills and food.

A little about me I'm pretty introverted so i'm fairly quiet and keep to myself most of the time. When i'm not working I like to go play Magic the Gathering at game stores and sometimes I like to record game play for my youtube. I don't have any issues as far as background goes. I do have epilepsy so I dont drive but I take the bus and thats not a problem. I am pretty self reliable.

I am either looking for a roommate or someone who is willing to rent out space or needs someone added to their lease. I will be upfront and say I do not have the greatest credit which is why I'm doing this because I am not sure how many apartments like that. I do pay my rent but I have just had some troubles the past couple years getting my financial status back to somewhat normal. But am currently working on that and hoping to maybe get a second job that works with my schedule. Times are tough.

I have never subleased from anyone before so I am not sure how that works. I have only lived in apartments. If you're looking for a sublease or to rent out space, let me know how that process works. Credit check, background check, deposit, etc. That kind of stuff like a normal apartment.

If you're looking for a roommate or someone to rent space let me know by July at least as I only have so much time. Please only call regarding this. If I dont answer, leave a voicemail or a text. Thanks for taking interest if you do.

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