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150ft2 - Legit, fun explorer of life seeks impossible room (and mates) (Campus/Downtown/Willy)



Hi there!

I've returned to university after dropping out of UW Milwaukee in 2012 and wandering around the world searching for the essence of life and other stuff for 6 years. I moved to Madison a year ago - way too far on the west side. Now I’m searching for a positive living situation within about a mile of the UW campus. I’m going to be very specific in the hopes of finding a good match:

My ideal situation:
-Keep my housing + utility + parking costs to $600/month (insert wishful thinking here) without having to live with 5 other people or share a bedroom.
-Move ASAP
-Within a mile of campus/downtown, or Willy st. 'hood (this is extremely important. I live 4 miles away and am moving because I am too far away from campus/downtown)
-Mature, fun, like-minded other(s) to live with (1 or 2 legit people, male or female 20's-30's).
-A room big enough for a double bed, L-shaped desk and space do yoga (Also important - currently have 12' X 12' and it's perfect)
-A place to park my car
-I would prefer not to move into someone's fully decked out place. I'd like to feel like I'm not just crashing in a room in someone else's house, but that I'm part of the house. I've got cool decor.

If you have all this, I could live there for like 5 years

About my living habits:
* Pretty clean and tidy, especially in bathrooms and kitchens
* Lover of cooking and good food (and cleaning up right afterward)
* I don't party hard much anymore (I mean, I can. But only when it stumbles upon me)
* ...Def. enjoy quality beer/wine and a good dinner party/social gathering
* No pets, but I love animals (unless they are continuously loud or mean)
* Eco-friendly (conscious of water, electricity, recycling, etc. Love gardens)
* Friendly toward any gender identity/cultural background (any living thing, really)
* I communicate with my roommates about house stuff.
* Ok, look. Maybe it's weird, but I will go out of my way to make the whole house have proper lighting. I also appreciate a good rug - because they really tie the room together, man.

If you appreciate these things, then hell yes. Keep reading.

About the kind of person I am:
I’m from Wisconsin but have lived in 4 states and 3 countries. I've explored about 20 countries. I survived a 7.8 earthquake in Nepal a week after climbing a mountain in the dark to watch the sunrise behind Mt. Everest. Been tear-gassed living in Istanbul. Lived above a bar in the red light district in Amsterdam... I've got tons of stories.

I reached a point after a lot of transformative, immersive travel that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Here I am in Madison, a student at the UW finishing a degree in psychology. In summer I work in road construction (because it pays well, not because I like it). I’m a meditator. I enjoy exercise/running/bikes/hiking/Yoga. I love exploring nature and cities. I'm an award-winning travel photographer. I love writing. I appreciate good conversations, usually about life, culture and the human condition. I’m generally extroverted (but like some time alone once in a while), life-affirming and ambitious. I need to be creative. I’m a bit hardened but compassionate and conscientious. I can fix almost anything. I enjoy being goofy for the sake of fun. I really love people. I'm open to new things. Live and let live. Do what you do. I've probably seen worse. I don't judge (as long as you don't, like, hurt animals or people)

Who I hope you are:
Basically, someone that is looking to live with someone like me, i.e. we share the same basic vibe. I’m not just looking for a cube to live in. I'm looking for an environment I can be happy about calling home. We don’t need to hang out all the time or be besties, but I’d like to be friends (and 'on the level') with the person(s) I live with, maybe share a coffee/beer/pizza or play a board game once in a while.

If you made it this far and still think we could live together, please respond in kind with some details about yourself and your place.

Be happy, possible roomie.

P.S. I'm open to joining with others who are looking for a whole apartment.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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