$700 / 2br - 1200ft2 - Do you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) (Fitchburg)

Do you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) 1 thumbnailDo you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) 2 thumbnailDo you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) 3 thumbnailDo you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) 4 thumbnailDo you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) 5 thumbnailDo you need a place to live? Look here! (available 6/1) 6 thumbnail
So, here's the deal. I will have a room available, and you need a room (you wouldn't be looking around here otherwise unless you are just bored). This could be your lucky day! The highlighted room and bathroom would be yours. My place isn't all that huge, so I can only accommodate one person. To be clear if there is more than one of you (you are a couple, have a kid, etc.), then I am not interested. This includes situations where you have a kid some of the time that visits often or even every other weekend. Nothing against kids as I love them to death, but this place isn't big enough to accommodate more than one more human, sorry.

This is in Fitchburg and managed by Madison Property Management which means you will have to fill out an application with them. I believe they have a minimum credit score of 600, but not sure on the exact number. By the way, this is not in one of the less desirable areas of Fitchburg. It's a nice and safe area.

IMPORTANT: this is a 2nd floor unit and there is no elevator, so if going up and down a flight of stairs is problematic, then this is not a good fit for you (or for me as I have no desire to carry you up and down the stairs).

Rent is due on the 1st of the month and there is no security deposit required with an approved application. The lease term runs through 4/30/25, and I am giving preference to someone that is willing to stay the entire lease period but open to shorter lease timeframes.

*The rent doesn't include all utilities (water/trash/sewer are and the rest are not included). Your portion of the gas/electric bill would be roughly $40-$50/month on average (obviously it will be higher during the hottest and coldest months). If you want WiFi internet, you can split the existing 300Mb cable internet for $25/month. With the fast internet speed, there will be plenty of bandwidth to stream for both of us.

Here's what you get for the low price of $700/month (by comparison, these apartments are now renting at $1850/month for new tenants):

*A bedroom that measures about 12' x 11' or something like that. Yep, your very own room. Bonus! Wait, there's more! The apartment happens to have two bathrooms so you would have your own bathroom as well. No need to worry about unflushed toilets, random hairs all over the toilet seat (unless you do this yourself), or accidentally walking in on your roommate when they are butt-ass naked from just stepping out of the shower. But since it would be your bathroom anyway, I won't judge if you don't flush or leave hairs all over the seat. **This is the bedroom closest to the living room as I will be occupying the master bedroom and paying a higher portion of the rent - see the bedroom/bathroom circled in red on the included floor plan (ignore the door in the pantry area - that doesn't exist)**

*You get use of the kitchen, living room, and dining room. I always crack up when I see people asking for "kitchen privileges". Why wouldn't you get that if you're paying for rent? I guess I always assumed the use of common areas is part of paying the rent. My bad if I was wrong.

*A cool roommate (that's me). Not to brag, but past roommates have said I was a good roommate. I'm pretty easy to get along with as long as you aren't stirring up drama and can pay your portion of the rent and utilities on time. I don't care if you don't make your car payments on time, but please pay the rent and utilities when due. By the way, I am a guy that has had both male and female roommates over the years if that matters.

*Some cool pets will live here, too. I have a really sweet yellow lab that will love you to death. He might show you how much he loves you by humping your leg, so I apologize in advance if this were to happen. There is also a cool cat. Not much to say here (it's a cat after all), but he does love people and I know for a fact will not try to hump your leg. Both stay with me in my room, so you don't have to worry about dealing with them. Unfortunately, no additional pets are allowed per the property manager.

*There is no smoking in the building...no ifs, ands, or butts (pun intended) about it. Outside smoking downstairs away from the front entrance is ok, though, but please don't smoke right outside of any window or blow the smoke near the air intake if the a/c or furnace is running.

*Room is available 6/1/24 and the lease will run through 4/30/25 with the possibility of renewing past that if things work out well between us. I won't know what that new rental rate will be until the management company sends the renewal offer. As long as it's not an extraordinary amount, I would prefer to renew as I hate moving and really like the area. The start date is flexible as well.

*The building has 4 spots available in the parking lot that are for tenants only and each requires a permit issued by the management company, but they first come first serve. There are 3 other buildings in the complex, each with 4-6 spots depending on the number of units and each unit gets 1 unassigned parking spot. I will be paying roughly $200/month more for use of the master bedroom and full use of the single-car garage. My car goes there plus I use the extra space for storage so there won't be any room available for storage of your items.

*It's close to Target, HyVee, Buffalo Wild Wings, Princeton Club, Flying Hound bar, Anytime Fitness, and wait for it....Taco Bell, Topper's, Pancheros, Subway, Jersey Mike's, and Jimmy John's! And there is a KwikTrip within a mile or so. Everything you might need is within a 5-10 minute drive and even walking distance if you like to do that. There was a bus stop less than 1/4 of a mile away (pickup and drop-off right on McKee Road/Hwy PD near the First Choice Dental building) last I looked.

*Here's one of my favorite parts: no snow removal or lawn care (these are included in the lease and taken care of by the management company).

If you made it this far, I haven't bored you to death or you are just desperate for a place. Either way, keep reading. I am looking for someone who can give at least a 6-month commitment (but prefer a full lease commitment as stated earlier). I will entertain offers for shorter time frames such as college students needing just a place for the fall. I am not interested in doing anything shorter and not interested in a month-to-month arrangement.

Almost done with the novel. If interested, tell me about yourself (emails that only ask if the room is available will not be answered). A first name is a good start, but also include information about your schedule (so I can see if it's a good fit with mine), if you're a guy or a girl, age range (not something I really care about but just need to make sure you are legal to sign a lease agreement) and anything else you think will make me want to have you as my roommate. I am admittedly a little picky about roommates, but this by no means is like an interview process so need to dress up the first time we eventually meet.

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