Epifani 1x10 bass cabinets - $550 (MADISON)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Epifani
model name / number: T-110
size / dimensions: 17.5"x12.5"x14"
Two Epifani 1x10 bass speaker cabinets. One is a T-110 (ser # 000474) and the other is a prototype of that model with minor differences. The T-110 is covered in carpet and is front-ported. The prototype is finished wood (with a few scratches), has handy "feet" on top to support an amp head above the handle, and is rear-ported. Both have a single Eminence 10” speaker and a tweeter with a tweeter level control. The tweeters appear to be different but sound very similar. Both cabinets have a hi-fi sound with amazing lows from such small boxes and pristine highs. Both are made in the U.S.A. Both are in very good condition, fully functional and cosmetically in nice shape. They stack nicely and make a killer small rig. I've used them for both bass guitar and upright bass and they work well with both.
Here is some of the back story on the company: “Epifani was founded by Nick Epifani in 1994. The roots of Epifani go way back to another time and place: Italy, where Nick was born. Before making music equipment, Nick was a working musician, playing guitar and drums. While he studied electronics in Italy, Nick’s path to the USA came as a singer and guitar player. However, it was not long after Nick arrived here that he found himself re-engineering other people’s designs. He did it because he saw the flaws that no one else seemed to notice—something not right in cabinet construction, or a woofer that didn’t move properly. So, Nick fixed them just to get the sound he was looking for. People started to notice the improvements. Shortly after, so did top guitar amp companies, like Fane, who hired him to work on their designs as well as make cabinets for Bruno amps and many others. But, while guitar was easy, bass was much harder. He started out building just a few bass cabinets, but bassists lining up to get them. So, Nick decided it was time to put down his guitar and start the bass cabinet business for real. The Epifani brand got underway officially in 1994.” Epifani started out by building their cabinets by hand, one at a time. Nick worked tirelessly with driver manufacturer, Eminence, innovating designs which have been adopted around the industry. Epifani grew day by day, cabinet by cabinet. The Big Breakthrough In 1994, Nick met Joey and Vinnie of Fodera, the best bass makers in the world. Their artist list included Victor Wooten, Matthew Garrison, Anthony Jackson, Victor Bailey, Reggie Young, James Genus, and many other world-renowned bassists. When Fodera heard Nick’s cabinets, they were thrilled, stating that Epifani gear let them hear their basses properly for the first time. Fodera then introduced Nick to their roster of artists. Nick built a 2×12 for Matt Garrison. Then a 3×10 to help Lincoln Goines compete with Dennis Chambers’s powerful drum sound. And then Nick met his supreme client, a musician who knows exactly what he wants. Baltic Birch woods, silver wiring, custom drivers. That client was none other than Anthony Jackson, who pushed the company to go where no cabinet company has gone before. The rest they say is history."
CABINET SPECS: Weight: 31 lbs. Width: 17 ½” Depth: 12 ½” Height: 14”
$300 each or $550 for both
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