Tailored, Intensive 1-on-1 Spanish and Portuguese Lesson $25 per hour

We are a team of teachers (Portuguese, Spanish, French) with over 20 years of experience teaching personalized, intensive, conversation-based Spanish classes to students of all ages and on all levels. We offer tailored lessons in person, along with interactive exercises. We provide the student with follow-up evaluations using a variety of assessment tools. Each student is assigned to both a native speaker of the language being learned and a native speaker of the language through which they are learning either Portuguese, French, or Spanish. These two teachers work daily and weekly to monitor and follow up on on each student's progress so that learners can fluently and quickly practice what they have learned and evaluate their level of Spanish.

Motivation for Teaching:
There is too much emphasis on grammar and parts of speech and too little emphasis on how to actually build sentences and construct conversations. Many systems claim to be conversation-based and in reality try to achieve skill in conversation through grammar. We solve this problem entirely, clearly identifying and reaching fluency through learning the fundamental structures of French, Spanish, and Portuguese in a way that is organized to move the student quickly towards fluency.

Teaching Style:
We have studied intensively with the foremost scholars and researchers in the area of language pedagogy and language learning at Stanford and Columbia universities to develop a teaching style that is at once tailored to the student, carefully defines the target of "fluency" to facilitate the steps required to get their in a manner that allows students to feel and clearly measure their progress in an atmosphere of interactive, deeply engaging, conversation-based learning.

The first lesson allows the student to see how the learning experience works for themselves as well as to see the clear, measurable, certain trajectory towards fluency we establish from the beginning. Classes are $25 per hour and taught in person as well as online.

We have never had a student who worked with us for at least 10 months that did not achieve fluency. Excited to help you meet this same goal.

If interested please leave your name, phone number, and a good time to reach you in your e-mail.


Student References (more references upon request):

I highly recommend their services! They have helped me to make significant progress in reaching fluency, using a very innovative learning style that has you speaking and learning how to form complex sentences from day one; classes are extremely enjoyable - highly recommended. Michael H. (Amazon)

I have been able to greatly improve my ability to speak in Spanish since we began classes as well as my ability to converse in the language; highly recommended. Shane B (Dept. of Cardiology)

They have an extremely effective teaching style, and will work with you to understand the fundamental mechanics behind the language so that you are speaking from the very beginning. Adam R. (Booze Allen Hamilton)

I have learned a great deal since we started our conversation-based classes; what has been the most helpful for me is that they have enabled me to understand very clearly how the language is organized and how to independently form my own sentences; extremely effective teaching methods. Mehtab (Apple)

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