Bucky Book Trade #32 (Sun Prairie)

"If you have tried to respond to this posting before November 3rd I was unable to respond on my old email, I now have reposted on a new email, so please try again!"

I currently am looking to trade Bucky Book #32 Coupons for coupons that are listed below:
What do you have that I can use, and what do you want in return??
When you respond, please tell me which coupon you want, by name, page number, and
specific letter, (a,b,c) as I have shown below, as it simply, eliminates endless emails back and forth
to acquire this information!
Goodwill 141b &c (I really want/need these!)
Sugar River Pizza 481b (I really want/need these)
Dairy Queen 410a (I really want/need these)
Lazy Oaf Lounge 497b, & c (I really want/need these!)
Mounds 343b & c (I really want/need these!)
Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company 383a & b (I really want/need these!)
Eddie's Alehouse & Eatery 447b
El Patron Mexican Grill 505a & c
Millio's 379a,b,&c
Bridges (Golf) 263c
Clasen's 435b (I really want/need these!)
HyVee 19a,b, & c
HyVee 21a,b, c
Pizza Hut 381b & c
Subway 395b,& c
Bucks Pizza 443a
Monks 499a
Nevada Bobs (Golf) 315c
Vitense GolfLand 313a & c
OFroyo 413b
Coppertop Family Restaurant 519b,& c
Pancake Cafe 501c
Rocky Rococo 397b
Rocky Rococo 399b

Just because something you might want may appear on my list, it doesn't mean that I might not
trade it away anyway! I'm always trading away for coupons, that I simply then re-trade for other
coupons, eventually acquiring the coupons that I actually want, as I at times am also trading for
the wants/needs of other people to! "Many of the coupons that you may want, I may well have
multiples of, due to many trades that I continually am making!"

Let me know what you wish to trade for!

If you E-Mail me, and you seemingly don't receive a reply, check your "SPAM Folder," as I always reply within days to any requests!

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