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I've studied Shaolin Kempo Karate and Inayan Eskrima for the past five years, and have attained the rank of first black belt.

With my busy work schedule, I no longer have as much time for practicing as I'd like, so I'm looking to find some interested folks to spar with on weekends, or possibly weeknights.

If you have sparring gear, that's great, but if not I can provide a helmet and chest pad.

For safety reasons, you'll need to bring gloves, handwraps and a mouthguard, and for men, a groin protector (not absolutely necessary, but a good idea).

I'll spar with or without chest pads etc, but for safety, we'll both need to wear sparring headgear (which I can provide).

(If you're not able to obtain handwraps or gloves, let me know and I may be able to round up some extras.)

As for location, I live in the Sauk Prairie area, so we could meet in any of the public parks (there are at least four within a couple of miles). I'd also be willing to drive out to a Madison area park if that's more convenient.

If this sounds interesting, give me a shout. Sparring is a great workout, and a good way to hone your skills!
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